Be careful, Mozilla Firefox maybe contains Trojan!

Sunday, February 28, 2010 · 1 comment

Did you know about the add-ons Mozilla Firefox?

I am sure that all users of this most sophisticated web browsers have known and put a lot of add-ons for the purposes of easier. But, you know that there are add-ons bebrapa infected by Trojan? Among them is the Master Filter and Sothink Web Video Downloader 4 for the PC version.

Unfortunately the two add-ons which was originally used to ward off malware (malicious) are actually infected by a Trojan. Master Filer has even downloaded about 600 times and install Trojan Bifrose. While Sothink Web Video Downloader versions in 4 infiltrate LdPinch already downloaded a Trojan and as much as 4000 times.
If anyone among you has mengistal these add-ons, you must be careful, because tojan already installed will not be easily eliminated. In this case you need is to run separate anti-virus scan and disinfection in order to clean the system on your computer. The problem, run only one anti-virus is not the right solution, because the Trojans do not easily become infected in this way.
As I write this article, Mozilla uses ClamAV as the only scanner. PCworld, my news source lansir, initially also wanted to know the reason why Mozilla does not move just to accommodate as many as a different antivirus 40 for each case. According to an open-source organization, the malicious've also seeped into one of the malware scanner that is used by Mozilla.

then, after reading this article, what would you do? Advice from my best before installing add-ons, patikan Anti-virus you have updated and active.

Get Your Passive Income from Acme people Search

Saturday, February 27, 2010 · 0 comment

Do You Know About Acme People Search?

"Acme People Search" is the affiliate program that combines all the money-producing programs on the internet in one place. What are the money-producing program incorporated in the "Acme People Search"? There are, Clickbank, Google Adsense, GDI (Global Domain International), HD Publishing, and many other.

Did you know, if in fact the most profitable online Business is a PAY PER LEAD which means you will get the money IF someone on your referral list. yes, when I search on google, was looking for pay-per-lead  SO VERY difficult. Uutil finally, I found the APS (Acme Search People), owner of APS is Tissa G. an affiliate marketer is very successful and famous in American, he received an award from Google Adwords, because it has spent more than $600,000 to advertise there.

What are the advantages of this program take?
  1. The program is managed by a professional, honest, and proven credible. So, your income is derived must be paid.
  2. Follow this program for free, but the potential revenue gained enormous.
  3. Payments are made twice in one month, ie every date and the date of 14/15 on the 28th of every month.
  4. Has a lot of people around the world enjoying success in this program. Please see the list of people who have successfully earned the "Acme People search" So you believe that this program is NOT SCAM, please see here: Acme-People-Search-List.
  5. Payments made via Paypal account so that the process easy and effective.

So, what your waitting for? Lets to join with Acme People Search here.
NOTE : Register must be reffered, if no you can't join. That a rule of ACM.

original source : Rich Blog

Windows storage is now more efficient

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Does your IT business environment using the application from Microsoft? Now there's a solution to save storage costs if you are using NetApp.

Through the new partnership established between NetApp and Microsoft, customers can feel the reduction in cost to 50%. How to collect all data on a unified Microsoft's storage system. The complexity of the environment can also be avoided thanks to the reduction of customers to consolidate application servers through virtualization technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V. This will potentially increase the benefits & advantages for our customers.

NetApp's file servers eliminate the need for separate, direct-attached storage that is not efficient, and small heterogeneous SAN. This is done by reducing the total number of storage needs and increase benefits and durability significantly. All the customer data stored in one place, so the simpler management and data protection can be improved.

"Windows environment is necessary to accommodate increased storage needs. With the use of storage currently working closely with the burden of the individual, it proved inefficient utilization. When you use Microsoft technology to NetApp, you can be sure that you get the solution end-to-end is available with a good and reliable, "said Adrian Anwar (Leader Server Business Group Microsoft Indonesia) in a press release.

Meanwhile, Steven Law (NetApp's Country Manager for Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines) expressed her excitement to the collaboration with Microsoft. "That way, we can continue to help customers to benefit fully from their Microsoft technology investments," he said.


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