Be careful, Mozilla Firefox maybe contains Trojan!

Sunday, February 28, 2010 ·

Did you know about the add-ons Mozilla Firefox?

I am sure that all users of this most sophisticated web browsers have known and put a lot of add-ons for the purposes of easier. But, you know that there are add-ons bebrapa infected by Trojan? Among them is the Master Filter and Sothink Web Video Downloader 4 for the PC version.

Unfortunately the two add-ons which was originally used to ward off malware (malicious) are actually infected by a Trojan. Master Filer has even downloaded about 600 times and install Trojan Bifrose. While Sothink Web Video Downloader versions in 4 infiltrate LdPinch already downloaded a Trojan and as much as 4000 times.
If anyone among you has mengistal these add-ons, you must be careful, because tojan already installed will not be easily eliminated. In this case you need is to run separate anti-virus scan and disinfection in order to clean the system on your computer. The problem, run only one anti-virus is not the right solution, because the Trojans do not easily become infected in this way.
As I write this article, Mozilla uses ClamAV as the only scanner. PCworld, my news source lansir, initially also wanted to know the reason why Mozilla does not move just to accommodate as many as a different antivirus 40 for each case. According to an open-source organization, the malicious've also seeped into one of the malware scanner that is used by Mozilla.

then, after reading this article, what would you do? Advice from my best before installing add-ons, patikan Anti-virus you have updated and active.

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admin said...
March 2, 2010 at 1:25 AM  

bener kang..tadi hampir saja win saya kena trojan karena update firefox..untung ada mbk avira yang ngasih peringatan akhirnya saya delete saja update.exe


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